Pitch Night: Are STOs the Future of Fundraising?

ESCP Europe - Heubnerweg 8-10, Berlin
13 Jun 2019


Are STOs the Future of Fundraising? Come to our Pitch Night and find out!

What are the advantages of STOs over ICOs & IEOs? How Security Tokens will change VCs?
We will try to answer this and other frequently asked questions to blockchain VCs and crypto funds in a panel discussion with:

  • Sebastian Markowski, GP Bullhound
  • Oleg Maslov, SMC Capital
  • Mervyn Maistry, Konfidio
  • Omri Erez, Coinix
  • Ralph Eric Kunz, Catagonia Capital
  • Miguel Vaz, Kintaro Capital
  • Patrick Lowry, Iconic Holding
  • Jed Grant, Faster Capital

Thank you to Blockesence for the collaboration!

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