Libra, the Facebook token: Good, bad or ugly?

Factory Mitte - Rheinsberger Str. 76/77, Berlin
3 Jul 2019


A consortium of social media companies, banks, VC’s, payment providers and other large technology and financial companies have announced Libra, a blockchain token with the goal to bank the 1.7 billion unbanked.

Blockchain and decentralisation enthusiasts have vastly different opinions about how good, bad or ugly this is.

Dr. Maistry will be among the experts in and outside of the blockchain industry with the aim to share some insights as a thought leader in the Berlin blockchain community.

Join Dr. Maistry and Berchain at 6 pm at the Factory Mitte for an evening discussion about Libra, the new Facebook blockchain token, to be part of the conversation on whether it is a great initiative to bank the unbanked, or a poor attempt and pseudo decentralisation.

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Libra, the Facebook token: Good, bad or ugly?