Coin of the Week  – Zcash

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  • June 26, 2020
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26 June 2020.

This week Zcash has outperformed Bitcoin by 10.78% and is also up against the US Dollar by 9.22%.

  • Trading volume (last 24hrs): $ 25,844,439.32
  • Transaction Volume (Adjusted 7 day average): $ 15.52 Million
  • Active Addresses (7 day average): 10 K

Zcash is a privacy-preserving cryptocurrency providing anonymous value transfer using zero-knowledge cryptography.

The protocol provides the option for transactions to be either shielded, in which case they will be completely anonymous, or transparent, in which case they will be visible on the Zcash blockchain.

The Zcash network will undergo an upgrade in July 2020. The upgrade named “Heartwood” aims to improve interoperability through Flyclient support and give miners the option to shield mining rewards in coinbase transactions.

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