Service Design for Blockchain

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  • March 5, 2019
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Service design thinking is a methodology that solves problems by concentrating on the user and their experience. A deep and focused understanding of the user and their persona is required, allowing the designer to empathize with their customers’ needs.

Service design thinking follows a five step process. However it is actually an iterative rather than a linear methodology:

  1. Empathize: The first step is to empathize with the users problems and needs. Effort must be made to really get to grips with the motivations, expectations and wants of the user. Ideally this stage is done with data, information and direct input from the customer.
  2. Define: All information gained from stage one is collected together. They are looked at together and the core problems are defined. Again this is done in a human-centric fashion, thinking about the problem from the point of view of the use.
  3. Ideate: Ideas and solutions are generated aiming to solve the human-centric problem defined in the previous stage. A whole number of ideas should be generated.
  4. Prototype: Prototypes are created with a focus on producing them quickly. Multiple versions are made trying out different features and ideas.
  5. Test: Prototypes are tested in an iterative fashion. Problems are redefined based upon the results of testing, until a successful product or feature is arrived at.

Why does Blockchain need Service Design?

Design thinking has the potential to provide new solutions for blockchain that can impact our daily lives. In order to find new utilisations of the technology, we need to better understand the needs and wants that a consumer has.

There is currently a large degree of ambiguity and disillusionment in the blockchain scene. Blockchain, so far, has primarily come from the viewpoint of developers. New applications and uses for the technology could be found by applying a service design methodology in the development phase.

Blockchain also has somewhat of an image issue. In the minds of many users, blockchain is complex and difficult to understand. This isn’t however the case for developers and therefore this particular point can be missed out of the design process, as designers don’t take the opportunity to empathize with the needs of potential users. Most users don’t even need to know that blockchain is being used, so long as the application fulfills their wants and expectations.

Service design thinking is well suited to solving these common issues. We can find solutions in a quicker and more effective manner, making it a worthwhile methodology to explore.

100 days of Blockchain Service Design

The 100 days of Blockchain Service Design is an approach initiated by Renzo D’Andrea, Service Designer at ChangeTheRiver, with this survey.

Konfidio Token Advisory will partake in a number of workshops aimed at bringing this design methodology into the Berlin blockchain space. With the results gathered from our survey, Renzo will create a tailored workshop for all participants. This will be created by assessing the reported needs of startups in the Berlin ecosystem.

We’ll have 100 days from beginning to end to bring about real change to the blockchain design process. This will take the combined efforts of developers, users and business strategy teams to fully implement and reap the benefits.

You can follow our progress with the following milestones over the upcoming months:

4th March 2019 – 15th March 2019

During this period we will jointly release our survey and collect the results. We already have an extensive list of startups taking part and are interested in having even more participants.

You can find the link to the survey here:

Complete the Form

16th March 2019 – 15th April 2019

We’ll begin our detailed analysis of the results and begin to root out common issues and problems within the design process. This will in turn directly affect the content and aim of the later workshops.

16th April 2019 – 1st May 2019

The first workshop will be designed and created, taking into account all participants’ responses. This will lead up to its announcement on the 1st May along an exact time, date and venue.

Beginning of June 2019

The event will take place, bringing together start up team members, users and other interested parties. We’ll work together going through the service design process, coming up with new ideas and looking for solutions. The workshops will be led by Renzo, with survey participants being invited to join.

An opportunity for blockchain designers

Blockchain has come at precisely the right time for service designers to take full advantage of the technology. Unlike the internet revolution in the late 90s, we have a better idea of how to apply this new technology into everyone’s lives. With improvements in service design, there’s no reason why we can’t bring forward the full benefits.

If you want to take part in our 100 day journey through service design, then answer the questions for your startup here:

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