Blockchain and Cryptocurrency News Roundup

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  • June 29, 2020
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29 June 2020.

A lot has been happening in the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency world since last week. Governments are showing their growing interest in Blockchain technology and DeFi is making headlines once again. Here’s a summary of some of the biggest headlines.

BSN Integrates Chainlink Oracles

As part of this integration, Chainlink, IRITA, and SNZ Pool are contributing to the fundamental development and growth of BSN. Chainlink will be integrated into BSN via IRITA’s interchain service hub. IRITA is a consortium blockchain product built using the Cosmos/IRIS SDK. The IRITA service hub will allow BSN blockchains to receive external off-chain data through Chainlink oracles. SNZ Pool, a professional node operator will provide node services to run the network.


South Korean Government to Develop Blockchain Registry

Blockchain startup Sendsquare has been selected by the government to develop a proof-of-concept project for the nation, which has around 3.6 million people with diabetes, the company announced on Friday. The startup will team with clinical experts and practitioners from Seoul’s KyungHee University Medical Center to begin analyzing nine years-worth of diabetes clinical data previously collected by the center. “Storing and collaborating work across a large volume of data using centralized services has proven unwieldy and subject to issues of data loss, duplication and manipulation,” according to KyungHee Medical Center’s Professor Suk Chon.


Balancer Pools Attacked and Drained of More Than $450,000

The attacker got a $23 million flash loan of ETH from dYdX, converted it to WETH, and started swapping WETH to STA back and forth — they repeated this 24 times. This allowed them to drain the STA balance in the pool all the way to 0.000000000000000001 STA as 1% transaction fee was subtracted on each trade. The STA balance was close to zero, which allowed the attacker to swap it for other assets in the pool very cheaply.


Crypto Debit Cards Impacted by Wirecard Controversy

The incident has sparked concern in the cryptocurrency industry, as debit cards from Wirex, TenX and CryptoPay, are among the cards issued by Wirecard. Following regulators’ action, was asked to cease operations for its EU and U.K. cards, but returned all funds on the affected debit cards to customers’ crypto wallets.


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