Blockchain and Cryptocurrency News Roundup

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  • April 27, 2020
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27 April 2020.

We’ve gathered some of the biggest headlines from across the blockchain and cryptocurrency world.

Huobi Token becomes the first exchange token to be approved by Japan’s FSA.

“Huobi Token has become the first international exchange token approved by Japanese regulators, after the Financial Services Agency (FSA) approved HT as a compliant crypto asset able to trade in the world’s second largest digital asset market from May.”


Tezos surpasses EOS to become the biggest staking network

“Per data from the monitoring website, Staking Rewards, Tezos became the leading in terms of assets locked in staking over the past month. As of April 24th, the total amount is equal to $1.81 billion. Interestingly, as the total market cap of Tezos is approximately $1.95B, it would mean that nearly 93% of all XTZ in circulation is locked.”


China officially launches the Blockchain Service Network

“Blockchain Services Network, an internet of interoperable blockchains that includes Ethereum, Hyperledger and EOS, will connect 128 cities in China to seven countries. As we reported in January, China’s long-awaited Blockchain Services Network, aka ChinaChain, was finally unveiled and opened to commercial use yesterday. After 6 months of internal testing, the BSN project was shown off at a virtual press conference Saturday in Beijing. (“Virtual,” because large gatherings are banned due to a possible coronavirus rebound.)”


Kraken fiat funding service provider, Etana Custody suffers a system breach

“While funds are reportedly safe, the firm notes that users’ personally identifying information including names, email addresses, physical addresses, and phone numbers may have been compromised.

Etana states that no passports, government-issued IDs, or driver’s license numbers are accessible to the hackers. The document says that internal security systems were triggered by the breach, which has since been neutralized.”


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