Blockchain and Cryptocurrency News Roundup

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  • April 22, 2020
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20 April 2020.

It’s been an eventful few days in the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency realm. We’ve gathered some of the biggest headlines for you right here.

Tether (USDT) market capitalization breaches $7 Billion

“The demand for stablecoins has reached record levels, prompting the world’s largest producer to keep on minting them. Tether has hit an all-time high in terms of market capitalization and has been trading at a premium on some exchanges.”


AirAsia’s Logistics arm, Teleport, launches a blockchain based cargo network.

“AirAsia’s logistics arm Teleport announces Freightchain, the world’s first digital air cargo network run on blockchain. Launching today, a shipper or freight forwarder can now instantly book and confirm any of AirAsia’s 247 aircraft to carry cargo through Freightchain, without the need to go through traditional time-consuming sales or email channels.”

Newsroom AirAsia

DeFi Platform loses $25 Million due to ERC777 exploit

“Earlier last week, DForce had announced that it secured $1.5 million in a seed round led by crypto VC fund Multicoin Capital. But the Chinese decentralized finance protocol suffered a major hack today, in which hackers got away with $25 million worth of its customers’ cryptocurrency. The money was stolen from the contracts of Lendf.Me, a lending protocol that’s part of dForce, a collection of DeFi protocols. Lendf.Me is now offline, and its smart contracts have been stopped.”


Libra network to include single-currency stablecoins

The stabilization of currencies and value preservation are key efforts that are properly within the exclusive remit of the public sector. Therefore, we are augmenting the Libra network by including single-currency stablecoins (e.g., ≋USD, ≋EUR, ≋GBP, etc.).


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