Blockchain and Cryptocurrency News Roundup

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  • June 15, 2020
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15 June 2020.

After a quiet weekend for Bitcoin, this week has kicked off with some price action for the number one crypto. We’ve gathered a few more headlines for you right here.

Bitcoin Mining Difficulty to Increase by ~15%

“According to CoinMetrics data, the first positive adjustment in Bitcoin‘s network difficulty since May’s halving will occur tomorrow. This adjustment will be one of the largest since January 2018 and with an estimated increase of 15% it will also be one of the largest increases in the last 3 years. The Bitcoin halving was one of the most anticipated events in crypto space because of the expected effect the event will have on BTC price. In April, Bitcoin’s hashrate reached an all-time high of 136.2 Tera-Hashes per second (TH/s), while facing a market crash due to the coronavirus pandemic. In May it again reached an ATH in its hashrate of 142 TH/s.”


Ether Mining Pool to Distribute Unusual $2.6M Transaction Fee

“The Ether mining pool that received the second $2.6 million fee abnormal transaction announced that it will distribute these funds to miners after four days. According to a tweet published on June 15, the pool will distribute the windfall to all miners who participated in that block, according to a snapshot taken at the time of the transaction. Justifying the decision, the company said that “given the amount involved we believe four days is sufficient time for the sender to get in touch with us.”


Youtube Bans’s Youtube Channel in Error

“YouTube has shut down the official channel of cryptocurrency news-focused website for “a violation of YouTube’s Terms of Service.” As executive chairman Roger Ver told Cointelegraph, YouTube notified them about the ban around 2:17AM EST June 13. The account had over 40 thousand subscribers at the time it was suspended. then sent an appeal to YouTube within “a few hours”. Two days later, at 8:59 AM EST June 15, Youtube notified that their channel had been unterminated.”


Stablecoin Supply up 94% Since February 2020

“The stablecoin market has added a hefty 94% to its total supply in the last four months, rising from $5.7 billion in February to $11 billion in June. According to research from The Block, dollar-collateralized stablecoins are experiencing something of a renaissance as demand skyrockets this year. In 2020, the stablecoin market expanded almost twice as much as it did over the last three years.”


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