We Invest

From financing projects to investing in crypto funds, Konfidio can provide capital, consultation and connections within the blockchain and crypto ecosystem.

Investment backed up with concrete blockchain experience

Konfidio offers a number of different investment opportunities for both those looking for investment, or those wishing to invest in a portfolio of cryptocurrencies and projects with our fund.

Our expert knowledge in crypto-economics and blockchain technology provides a high degree of aptitude that others are simply not able to provide. Ventures searching for investment can also make use of our Accelerator program and gain valuable consultation, knowledge and services in return for an equity stake.

Kintaro Capital | our Crypto Fund

Kintaro Capital combines the collective experience of Konfidio’s research, development and management teams to create Berlin’s most informed and capable crypto-fund, all regulated under the PIF scheme.

Equity Investments | via our Accelerator

In return for stakes in equity, the Konfidio Accelerator Program (KAP!) gives investment, legal advice, services and guidance for innovative and promising start-up projects.

Green Mining Investment | via Cyberian.io

Cyberian Mine offers a unique investment opportunity with its new green crypto mining fund, offsetting the environmental impact of Proof of Work mining with affordable Siberian renewable energy.

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