We Advise

Full-service management solution throughout the entire life cycle of a token: from tokenomic design to development and fundraising with our partner SGGG Fexserv.

Leveraging our crypto economic experience for promising ICOs & STOs

Whether you’re looking to fund your startup with an ICO or an STO, or if you’re developing a project from within an Enterprise company, we can support your journey.

Our co-founders led the innovation departments at EY and Accenture, demonstrating their consultancy expertise successful projects for ZF, Novartis, and Bayer. With the help of our Kstack, our developers offer an in-depth understanding of the technical capabilities and value of prospective blockchain projects. Our partners offer the legal expertise and regulatory knowledge to launch legitimate fundraising campaigns.

Independent Research

Our research team can create independent reports on the cryptocurrency or token of your choice, containing detailed and thorough analysis.


We help to attract funds through our broad network of investors as well as through direct investment from our Crypto Fund - Kintaro Capital.

Regulatory Expertise

With our partner SGGG Fexserv we help you provide full compliance with EU regulation whether it is issuing security tokens or legal ICOs.

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