We Accelerate

Our accelerator program KAP! and the Kstack tech we developed for our enterprise clients, and own ventures, offers a foundation for Berlin’s blockchain ecosystem.

Accelerating Innovation, Sustainability & Transformation in the Blockchain Space

The Blockchain space is confused and the system is scattered, with limited capacity to evaluate business models, limited technology maturity, or access to immediately deployable technological infrastructure as well as fraudulent ICOs.

We at Konfidio Blockchain Accelerators and Co-Working Space have the expertise, capacity, infrastructure and the technology to develop a complete blockchain ecosystem from end to end.

City Level Support

The Berlin government supports startups in our accelerator program by providing grants for the most promising ventures.


We help to attract funds through our broad network of investors as well as through direct investment from our fund - Kintaro Capital.

Our Tech Stack

The Kstack provides an enterprise-ready foundation for rapidly building effective blockchain based applications.

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