Building a decentralized future

Our studio combines 20 years of top-tier consulting experience with a talented team of technologists and venture developers. Konfidio has provided many end-to-end solutions for a wide range of enterprise customers. 

We're investing in the new frontier of digital innovation whilst promoting sustainability, equality and confidence. We're building the infrastructure to decentralize contract management, the energy market and other real-world business processes.

We Build

Konfidio develops and creates world class blockchain solutions for enterprises and new ventures, with a focus on problems blockchain solves today.

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We Advise

Full-service management solution throughout the entire life cycle of a token: from tokenomic design to development and fundraising with our partner SGGG Fexserv.

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We Invest

From financing projects to investing in crypto funds, Konfidio can provide capital, consultation and connections within the blockchain and crypto ecosystem.

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We Accelerate

Our accelerator program KAP! and the Kstack tech we developed for our enterprise clients, and own ventures, offers a foundation for Berlin’s blockchain ecosystem.

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Our Studio

Dr. Maistry, Founder & CEO

Dr. Mervyn G. Maistry provides vision for the Konfidio Blockchain Venture Studio, and its creation of decentralized enterprise solutions.
After graduating medical school as a pediatrician in South Africa, Mervyn held numerous key positions, including COO at Deutsche Bank and Global Managing Partner at Accenture. He was also the Managing Partner: Digital Strategy & Transformation Lead at EY.
As well as chairing Kintaro Capital, Mervyn currently advises a variety of projects in the blockchain space.
Researchers & Developers

Our Ventures

The Future of Logistics

Zukonft provides a safe and secure harbour to digitise long standing relationships across the supply chain industry. Zukonft is a joint venture with Zufall logistics group.

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A network of logistics professionals

TrustedTrucks is transparent and easy to use platform that allows carriers and forwarders to connect with each other, manage qualifications and build trusted relationships.

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Contract Management

Konfidio Contract Solutions provides a smarter way for enterprises to efficiently manage contracts. From contact issuance, through lifecycle to value settlement.

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Decentralised Energy Exchange

DEEP is creating a decentralized future where consumers and prosumers are free to trade energy, issue smart contract invoices and track renewable energy certificates.

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Digital Asset Investing

Kintaro provides regulated investment opportunities in selective crypto-assets and equities. Supported by world class crypto-economic research and AI market analysis.

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STO Advisory

Konfidio’s Token Advisory, in partnership with Fexserv Fund Services, provides expertise and guidance throughout the entire life cycle of tokenization.

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Green Cryptomining

Cyberian Mine is a Berlin venture running mining machines for retail customers and institutional investors with inexpensive and clean Siberian hydropower.

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Our Partners